Welcome to the web site of New Global Initiatives, Inc.

New Global Initiatives, Inc. provides marketing services to clients concerned with effectively reaching the emerging global community. We focus on the tens of millions of people relocating from their home nations to other nations for extended periods.

New Global is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Panama Wave S.A to develop a joint business effort in Panama. Most recently, we have joined with America Wave, Inc. to promote effective marketing to the growing American expatriate community outside the US. This new partnership will utilize our past surveys of the American people on relocation and add to that knowledge base.

News of note: We are pleased to announce that our President and CEO, Bob Adams, has once again been published at Barron's, the highly respected US financial publication. His most recent essay, The Great Escape, discusses the latest findings on American relocation and some of their potential implications for the future of American society. For those who do not have a subscription to Barron's, they have permitted the republishing of the article at the America Wave sebsite.